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Be Your Own Ally

Cultivating Your Inner Alliance
for Health and Well-Being

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a lifelong journey toward self-knowledge and harmony.

                               - Mary Burmeister


I first met Paula when I started a job as a crisis clinician. Paula directed the flow of information and work in a busy mental health crisis center. Her genuine, calm and supportive presence was so helpful for me as I learned the ins and outs of my new job. It was no surprise to me when Paula offered Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions to me during a chronic health crisis that the qualities she lived during crisis work would directly carry over into her healing world, or perhaps it was the other way around. I deeply appreciate Paula’s ability to not just offer healing work, but to also live as an expression of it; my health is all the better for it.

                                                                                       - Vinny P

My experience of the treatment with Paula was so amazing.  I found it a very healing modality and during the sessions learned to "let go" of many emotions held within my body.  Thank you Paula for your wonderful care!!!

                                                                                        - Kelly S


I was feeling depressed and stressed the day I went to see Paula for my first Jin Shin Jyutsu session. Her gentle and confident treatment was soothing and relaxing and the most amazing thing was that the next day I woke up feeling bright, energized,and happy!

                                                                                      - Carse P

Anyone who has the opportunity to receive Jin Shin Jyutsu from Paula Stephani is in for a rare treat! Paula skillfully directs life force energy to physical, mental, emotional and psychological places in need of healing or support. As a client, this experience left me feeling healed, deeply supported and peaceful. Paula intently listened to me and adeptly translated my intention for the session into healing. She has the capacity and capability of a seasoned master.

                                                                                 - Catherine R

The Jin Shin Jyutsu session was so relaxing, soothing, and comforting. I slept really well that night. I felt like it calmed my whole system. I wish I could have a session every day!

                                                                                       - Vicky P

I am lucky to live with Paula. I used to throw up all the time until Paula started doing a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment on me every day for my stomach. Now I rarely have a problem - just the occasional hairball.

                                                                                         - Arnie

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