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"The image is a midwife that allows inner experience to be birthed into conscious expression." 


                                    - Matthew Fox

With nothing but a pair of scissors, glue, and images from photos or magazines, you can enter the fun and profound world of SoulCollage®!

Developed by Seena B. Frost,  SoulCollage is an intuitive, therapeutic, and easy process for discovering and activating your wisdom, imagination, inner strengths, and allies.


The SoulCollage cards you create and consult with will reveal previously unknown or unacknowledged parts of yourself that can challenge you, inspire you, and offer clues to your direction forward.


Whether you are diving in to create your first or your hundredth SoulCollage card, you can expect to be amazed by the insight your inner world is ready to reveal to you!


One of the best ways to experience the power of SoulCollage is in a

small group workshop. In a relaxed and supportive setting with plenty of images to choose from and all the supplies you need, it is easy to dive into the process and allow your own intuition and wisdom to speak to you through the cards you make.


The workshops generally include a brief introduction and guided meditation to prime the creative pump, a generous amount of time for card making, some writing exercises to interact with the cards, and time to share with others.

The types of cards you will make may represent parts of yourself, supportive people and animals in your life, energies within the physical body, and archetypes that connect your individual story with the larger human story.


No experience or artistic skill is needed. Your cards will be rich in meaning for you, and their meaning will continue to evolve as you consult with them over time. 

SoulCollage and Psychotherapy

SoulCollage is a wonderful complement to psychotherapy in treating anxiety and depression because it accesses the big-picture part of the brain that speaks in the language of imagery, imagination, and intuition. The SoulCollage process facilitates the discovery of inner archetypal energies and inner strengths and resources that can give us courage, comfort, hope, and wisdom when we need it the most.

I periodically offer a four-part series of SoulCollage workshops

specifically targeted to anxiety and depression relief. If you would like to be notified when the next series is being held, please contact me.

Private Events

Private SoulCollage events can be customized for your group. Choose your own theme, celebrate a special birthday or milestone, or honor a loved one. Please contact me to discuss your idea.

Individual Sessions

Individual SoulCollage sessions are also available.

Please contact me for more information.

"The SoulCollage® process is here to help people discover and take into consciousness information about the evolving and ever changing state of their Souls... It's a way to embrace oneself and also discover ways towards balance."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Seena B. Frost


For more information please visit

Paula Stephani
Licensed Professional Counselor

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