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Be Your Own Ally

You have to be a best friend to yourself...You can rely on yourself.
You can trust yourself. That's the secret.
- Jacqueline Edgington
Hello and Welcome!
It is challenging to look within yourself when things feel chaotic and painful, when you are grieving a loss, or when you are experiencing overwhelming anxiety. However, looking within and developing a more compassionate relationship with all parts of yourself is the foundation for healing and possibility.
There are times in everyone’s life that require extra support, and you don't need to walk this road alone.
As a licensed professional counselor, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and grief and offer both in-person and online sessions.

Please feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Paula Stephani
Licensed Professional Counselor
 2299 Pearl St. Suite 402A
Boulder, CO. 80302

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